RubyC 2017 — How it was

RubyC is a major Ukrainian conference devoted to Ruby, Rails and related technologies. It gathers hundreds of Ruby enthusiasts from Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, France and many other countries over the world to discuss the latest news and spend a beautiful summer weekend in Kyiv.

The conference took place in Kiev on the 3-4th of June. Two days of good atmosphere and interesting people. From year to year, it becomes more organized and more interesting.

Let’s talk about the speakers! There were 14 awesome topics and I will tell you about the most interesting ones.

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The Next Web 2017

The Next Web 2017, the leading European tech conference and festival took place in Amsterdam 18-19 May. I attended this event and was really impressed by the scale, approach, content and venue. More than 15000 attendees from all over the work, great speakers, including top managers of Trello, Hubspot, Snapchat and Airbnb, impressive open air festival-like Westerpark’s lanes, pavillions, startup exhibition areas – all this combined guaranteed an unforgettable experience!

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If 30 Days Is All We Have, How Much Startup Value Can We Add?

Imagine for a second that you were given a deadline; you have 30 days to build as much value with your startup as you possibly can. The deal is that you have to deal with your limited resources whether it is lack of time, experience, team or money and still manage to make significant progress. How feasible is this scenario? After all, it takes a couple of weeks to qualitatively validate users’ needs and months to build a quality product!

My experience being involved in over 50 startups over the last decade taught me otherwise. It is in fact the beginning of every startup venture when we have the biggest room for progress. The analogy I like to use is the case of babies. Ever wondered why babies learn so much so fast? The reason being is that their sphere of knowledge is very limited that anything they get their hands and eyes on is absorbed and learned very quickly. The same thing for early stage startups. 30 days is more than enough to initiate and qualitatively and quantitatively validate the need for a startup solution including self-funding through pre-selling.

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Meet Abdo Riani!

I am happy to announce our partnership with Abdo Riani, a speicialist in startups and tech, who initiated and was involved in the launch of over 50 startups. His startup journey began almost 8 years ago, when he learned how a few lines of code can make such a big impact in people’s lives. He is currently the founder of AspireIT, MVSOT and Upify, an agency and two startups that provide passionate entrepreneurs with all the necessary resources to turn ideas into valuable and viable startups.

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Is Your Healthcare Product HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA, which stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is an official legal document that protects sensitive patient health information. It sets the standards for protecting patients’ private health information by defining the procedures, policies, and guidelines for maintaining its privacy and security. It also defines the criminal penalties for breaking the law and violating patients’ private medical records.

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How technology improves education

Technology is everywhere and became an important part of our lives. It changed the way we do things, such as communication, shopping, and entertainment. But its greatest impact was on education – the way we learn and teach. Due to the broad and free use of the Internet and the constant development of technology, the possibilities for educating are countless.

Technology improves education by changing the way teachers teach, the way students learn and the way they interact with each other. Teachers are not the primary source of information in the classroom, and the students are not passive learners anymore. Now, teachers guide students through the teaching/learning process and encourage their engagement, whereas students are active listeners and independent learners.

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BDMSummit 2017 Winter

On Saturday 28 of January, I attended BDMSummit – local business development conference taking place in Kiev. Four stages – Sale like a PRO, Outsourcing Hero, Marketing & Branding, Workshops, 300+ attendees, 30 speakers – not a huge event, but I brought a couple of useful insights and met interesting people there so I can say it definitely worths visiting.

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